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Dez is an Amazigh artist working in Denver, Colorado, and is a recipient of a Bachelors in Fine Arts at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD). She has exhibited work in galleries across the Denver metro area, including Juicebox gallery, Recreative Denver, TaxiAIR, and the Land Yacht. Dez is a founding member of the New Genres Collective, a collaborative coalescence of artists who work with improvisation, performance, and installation to navigate new modes of creation. They have performed both locally and nationally, including the Denver Art Museum and Currents New Media Festival in New Mexico. Also a founding member of the Unseen Collective, this group of female artists exhibit together responding to various unseen forces. These works are often intimate and shifting through each artist's perspective. Dez previously worked with RedLine Gallery through their ArtCorps mentoring program. In this program, local Denver artists work one-on-one with E-8 students to create artworks. These works are often focused on social justice & outreach, and are shown at RedLine at the end of the semester. 
Dez Merworth is enchanted with the inner mythology birthed in dreams, and the rapturous untangling of desire and loneliness within queer and divergent identities. In between the folds of tangible external experience and the ever-expanding ether exists an internal purgatory. These convergences are often unclear, isolating, and confronting. Dez explores these internal spaces through prognostic imagery, visual metaphor, and colorful allegory. Her large-scale surrealist dreamscapes are created by enhancing heavy darkness alongside intense coloration. Often, daily rituals take place which enrich her practice and over time craft new narratives.

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