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Phantasmagoria, Video Installation, Spivak upper gallery, 2018.

Imprint, Spivak upper gallery, 2019.

Dimensional Efflorescence, Rotunda Gallery, 2017.

54th Student Exhibition, Mary Harris Auditorium, 2017.

55th Student Exhibition, Mary Harris Auditorium, 2018.

Artists Block, Spivak lower gallery, 2018.

Out of the Blue, Spivak lower gallery, 2018.

The Unseen, ReCreative Denver, 2018.

An Incomplete Manifesto, JuiceBox Denver, 2018.

In the House, site-specific installation, 2019. 

Navigating Diversity: Identity + Religion, Rotunda Gallery, 2019. 

Breaking// Broken// Broke, Taxi Artists in Residency, 2020. 

Rino Showcase, Denver, 2022.



Bubble, RedLine Gallery, 2017.

Lucid, Mary Harris Auditorium, 2017.

Cascada Bonita, Pop-up location in a vacant storefront, 2017.

Domicile, Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, NM., 2018.

Incubator, Denver Art Museum, 2018.

Tempest, Dairy Arts Center, 2019. 

Covering, Black Cube Nomadic Museum fulfillment center opening, 2019. 

Hope (AR), New Genres collaboration with Koko Bayer, 2020



Artspeak, 2019. 

Connection Points, 2020. 

Divide Magazine Issue no. 5, February 2023. 


Curation work:

Timeshare, Lakewood cultural center, May-August 2019. 



Received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2020.

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